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" The Go Anywhere Camper "

"Here at Go-Anywhere, this is the camper we use when we decide to go camping somewhere.  Why?  Besides being very light with a low center of gravity, the collapsing top GREATLY reduces the wind resistance in turn improving fuel economy. In addition, it's low-profile design reduces the effects of the cross-winds that slam against the side of your camper.  Really, when you're driving along the edge of a steep drop off, the last thing you need is help being pushed over the edge by a sudden cross gust of wind.  And once you get there, the pop-top allows you the head room you need so you don't have to be hunched over when you're standing up."  Click here to read a review from "America's No. 1 RV Magazine", Trailer Life, January 2003, and Jesse's hunting article.

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General Features

FOUR WHEEL CAMPERS has specialized in the manufacturing of an all WELDED ALUMINUM FRAME, pop-up style camper for over 30 years. Each unit is built from the ground up by skilled craftsman utilizing only the finest materials. We DO NOT use any particle or press board what so ever in the manufacturing of your camper. With our manufacturing plant in Woodland, California, FOUR WHEEL CAMPERS is able to provide the discriminating outdoorsman with the highest quality, lightest weight, and most durable pop-up camper available today.

The FOUR WHEEL CAMPERS low profile design produces less wind drag than conventional cab-over campers and helps maintain a lower center of gravity. Combined with its light weight ( the largest model weighing less than 800 lbs. ), this design helps to reduce fuel consumption, eliminates top heavy sway, and allows for parking in many garages. In addition, our patented EASY-LIFT roof system enables the top to be raised or lowered in less than 60 seconds.  

The heavy duty weatherproof interwoven vinyl side liner houses four large windows. Each window incorporates a four layer design, consisting of a screen, clear panel, inside privacy cover, and an outside roll up rain cover. In extreme cold weather conditions, the side liner can be outfitted with the optional ARCTIC PACK insulating system, which installs on the interior walls of the liner.

The FOUR WHEEL CAMPER'S unique all welded aluminumFour Wheel Campers ALL Welded Aluminum Flexible Frame FLEX-FRAME provides unparalleled strength and durability while eliminating the possibility of dry rot associated with wooden framed campers. The overall construction allows the camper to flex with the torque generated by the truck bed under off-road conditions, while still maintaining its structural integrity. The finished product is then sheathed in an attractive baked enamel all aluminum exterior siding.

Our specialized DOUBLE-STEP FLOOR DESIGN has been engineered to Four Wheel Campers Double Step Floor Design create a high quality flooring system that provides exceptional strength, while maximizing interior storage space. This feature also builds into the camper the room necessary to allow passengers to be comfortable inside the camper, even with the top in the lowered position.

With these advanced designs, combined with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, FOUR WHEEL CAMPERS is able to offer a superior backroad camper to fit virtually all truck applications.   So whether you're on a leisurely weekend trip to your favorite fishing hole, or a grueling  off-road trek through South America, a FOUR WHEEL CAMPER will provide the convenience, comfort, and durability to make your adventures a success.



Interior Features

FOUR WHEEL CAMPERS no longer includes the use of particle or press board in the camper. The interior of all campers are finished with the finest of materials including solid oak appointments. Walls, cabinets, and settees are constructed of a special light weight vinyl clad wood for easy cleaning, strength, and durability. The counter tops and table are FormicaTM accented by privacy curtains made from select designer fabrics and decorative fabric cushions treated with 3M Scotchgard Fabric Protector for stain and soil resistance. A seamless no wax vinyl floor aids in cleaning convenience and each camper interior comes standard with two 12V overhead lights, a roof vent and a 5-A:10-B:C fire extinguisher. Four Wheel Campers Overhead Queen Size Slide-Out Bed

Four Wheel Campers Double Bed in Grandby & Hawk Model CampersAll models are equipped with a full Queen Size slide out bed, located over the cab. This unique feature allows maximum space inside the camper during waking hours, and when desired, a simple pull provides comfortable Queen Size accommodations.

All standard camper units come equipped with a comfortable side couch that quickly and easily converts into a single or double bed, according to model type. In addition, a generous dining area is easily obtained simply by assembling the new, three piece portable, free standing table that can easily be used inside or outside the camper.

A uniquely designed kitchen galley includes an efficient two burner, stainless steel propane stove with safety cover: durable stainless steel sink with high grade manual faucet (an electric water pump is optional), and a 35 lb. capacity ice box (a 3-way refrigerator is optional). In addition, the securable utility drawers and spacious cupboards provide convenient storage for all your favorite kitchen utensils and appliances.


You'll find sufficient storage space readily available under the side couch by simply tilting up the cushion. When combined with the additional storing capacity offered by the cabinets and the small closet found in the long bed models, these easily accessed compartments provide ample room to accommodate your outdoor gear or store misc. items.


Exterior Features

Four Wheel Campers Side Mounted 8 ft. AwningAn optional eight foot side AWNING will help you to relax and enjoy those sunny days. Easily accessed from its self contained housing mounted securely on the side, it can be extended within minutes. An optional auxiliary SIDE AWNING LIGHT can be added to provide additional lighting under the awning.  Rear mounted flood lights can be installed to provide nighttime campsite illumination to compliment the standard porch light in the rear.  Both systems are wired to interior switching for convenient additional side and rearward lighting.Four Wheel Campers Backdoor with Screen

To further enhance your camping enjoyment, an optional rear SCREEN DOOR is available. It offers additional visibility and fresh air circulation while maintaining a barrier to unwanted pests. The optional WALL MOUNTED REAR STEPS allow for easy access to luggage mounted topside on our optional BOAT/LUGGAGE RACK.

A large louvered passenger side window provides superior air circulation as well as promoting confidence in tight driving conditions by providing exceptional visibility to the side. An emergency exit is also designed into the window allowing for convenient
alternative mode of exiting the camper in an emergency situation.

All utilities are readily accessed from the same side of the camper where the 5 gallon 20 lb. LP gas tank with gauge is stored. They include the fill and drain for the 12 gallon fresh water storage system, plug-in for 110V electrical system and the kitchen sink drain outlet.

All camper models come with a large front window, which when combined with the generous view window housed in every rear Four Wheel Campers Front Sliding Windowdoor, provides the driver with exceptional visibility to the rear. An optional FRONT SLIDING WINDOW is also available to allow for truck cab to camper pass through.


                            Product Listing

For a better look at our camper models, please click the model on your left.

Grandby Model (8.0'): Full Size Trucks, Long Bed
Hawk Model (6.5'): Full Size Trucks, Short Bed
Ranger Model (8.0'): Mini/Mid Size Trucks, Long Bed
Eagle Model (6.5'): Mini/Mid Size Trucks, Short Bed
Falcon Model (5.0'): Mini/Mid Size Trucks, 4 Door
Shell Model: Sizes Available for most trucks

***New Features on most Camper Models***
New Couch/Bed Design on Hawk & Grandby (Flip Down)
Optional 3.0 cu.ft. Refrigerator/Freezer (Hawk & Grandby)
30 Amp. Converter with charger now standard
More Drawers & Cabinet Storage (Hawk & Grandby)
***New Options Available on Some Models***
Hot Water/Outside Shower Option [Hawk & Grandby Models Only]
20 Gallon Water Tank [Hawk & Grandby Models Only]
Solar Panel -- Roof Mount -- 25 Watt [Available on All Models]

Please call (262)370-4255 or e-mail if you have any questions. We have not completely updated this list yet for all of the 2005 trucks. There are a very few important changes to be aware of on a couple of the new 2005 trucks. We have models available for most all of the 2005 / 2006 trucks. If you don't see it on the list, just call or e-mail us.  

We probably have a camper that will work great.

"Fit List" downloadable version in MS Word form: Click Me


Features and Specifications

S -- Standard O -- Optional SP -- Special Order N -- Not Available

FEATURES: Grandby Hawk Ranger Eagle Falcon Shell Model
Oak Wood Interior S S S S S S
Dining Table S S S S S O
Formica Countertops S S S S S N
Deluxe Fabric Cushions, 3M Scotchgard S S S S S O
Privacy Curtains S S S S S O
Stainless Steel Sink w/ Hand Pump S S S S S N
2 Burner Stove w/ Safety Cover S S S S S N
110V System S S S S S N
Two Overhead Dual Lamp
12V Lights
12V Porch Light S S S S S S
20 lb. LP Gas System w/ Gauged Tank S S S S S N
5ABC Fire Extinguisher S S S S S S
35 lb. Self Draining Icebox S S S S S O
12 Gal. Fresh Water Tank (20 Gal. on Hawk & Grandby) S S S S S N
Queen Size Slide-Out Bed S S S S S S
Double Bed Conversion S S N N N O
Single Bed Conversion N N S S S O
Small Storage Closet S N S N N O
Louvered Passenger Side Window S S S S S S
Safety Exit S S S S S S
Roof Vent S S S S S S
Insulated Side Walls and Roof S S S S S S
Rugged Vinyl Side Liner S S S S S S
All Aluminum "Flex Frame" S S S S S S
Aluminum Exterior Side Walls and Roof S S S S S S
Electric Water Pump O O O O O N
3-Way Refrigerator O O O O O N
16000 BTU Automatic Forced Air Furnace w/ Thermostat O O O O O O
Porta Potti O O O O O O
Screen Door O O O O O O
Extra Roof Vent O N O N N O
Power Roof Vent O O O O O O
Front Sliding Window O O O O O S
Sliding Window Boot O O O O O O
"Arctic Pack" O O O O O O
8 Ft. Side Awning O O O O O O
Auxiliary Side Awning Light O O O O O O
Rear Flood Lights SP SP SP SP SP SP
Auxiliary Battery System O O O O O O
Luggage and Boat Combination Rack O O O O O O
Cable Jacks - Free Standing Pair (2) O O O O O O
Camper Jacks - Mechanical (4 corner) O O O O O O
Rear Wall Steps O O O O O O
Accessory Cabinet w/ additional 12V & 110V Outlets O N O N N N
Overhead Storage Cabinet S S S S S S*
Portable Rear Entry Step O O O O O O
12 Volt Outlet S S S S S O
Electronic Interior Water & Battery Meter S S S S S N

S -- Standard O -- Optional SP -- Special Order N -- Not Available
* - Shell Model will have two (2) Small Overhead Storage Compartments

Dry Weight 795 lbs. 695 lbs. 780 lbs. 690 lbs. 560 lbs. 530-590 lbs.
Floor Length 96 " 80 " 96 " 80 " 60" VARIES
Roof Length 129 " 113 " 137 " 121 " 121" VARIES
Width 80 " 80 " 69 " 69 " 69" VARIES
Adult Sleeping 4 4 3 3 2 VARIES
Height Down
(Incl. Vent)
58 " 58 " 53 " 53 " 53" VARIES
Extended Interior Height 77 " 77 " 72 " 72 " 72" VARIES
(pdf file)
Hawk Sketch Ranger Sketch Eagle Sketch Falcon Sketch Shell Sketch






New 2007 Price List

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